Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Friday, September 8th

*****All work must be turned in for the quarter today.  All work not turned in by today will be given a 0.  This is in all classes. *****

In class:

Begin work on disease

Homework:  Enjoy track out!  See you in October

Thursday, September 7th

In class:

Freshwater test

Homework:  Any missing work for the quarter

Wednesday, September 6th

In class:

1.  Turn in project
*****If the project is not turned in today or before Friday of track out, students will not be able to turn it in after we track back in.  ALL work for this quarter must be turned in by Friday of track out.  No work will be allowed to be turned in after Friday.*****
2.  Big Kahuna

Homework:  Test tomorrow

Tuesday, September 5th

In class:

1.  Evaluate nitrates and phosphates in water
2.  Begin disease unit

Homework:  Project due tomorrow  Test Thursday

Friday, September 1

In class

1.  Finish and present fish kill mystery
2.  Create questions for big kahuna

Homework:  Project due Wednesday  Test Thursday

Thursday, August 31st

In class:

1.  Quiz
2.  Fish Kill Presentation
3.  Study guide for test

Homework:  Project due on Wednesday, Test on Thursday\

Fish Kill Mystery websites

Dissolved Oxygen Maps