Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Friday, March 2nd

Early Release

Students will be working on periodic table puns, balancing equations, or doing test corrections

Enjoy your track out!

Thursday, March 1

In class:

Chem test part 2

Wednesday, February 28th

In class:

1.  Review for test tomorrow

Homework:  Study for test

Tuesday, February 27th

In class:

1.  High school elective Registration

Homework:  Study for test thursday

Monday, February 26th

In class:

Homework:  Study for test Thursday


Atomic Structure #1
Trends in the periodic table #3
Element Families #1
Periodic Table Properties #2

Friday, February 23rd

In class:

1. activity

Homework;  Study for test next Thursday

Thursday, February 22nd

In class:

1.  Stations

Homework:  Study for Chem test 2 next Thursday